Marketers Toolbox: Optimizely


Note: The Marketers Toolbox series teaches our readers about new technology we're using (or experimenting with) that proves to be useful, productive, or just plain entertaining. As a marketer's secret weapon, AgencySparks believes that the tools we use are vital to our success, thus, a marketer's toolbox is truly one of our most important resources.

Want to reduce bounce rates on your site? Want to excite your most loyal customers with products that are hand-picked for them?

Optimizely helps brands enhance their desktop and mobile customer experiences through A/B and multivariate testing, analytics solutions, and data personalization.

Companies like Spotify, Skype, Disney, and Asics use this platform to determine how customers may react to certain marketing strategies. Learning more about their customers’ habits gives brands the ability to provide unique experiences that drive conversion.

Brands use Optimizely to experiment with their marketing strategies to uncover key insights about their desktop and mobile user experiences.

This software helps them segment and tag site visitors by geography, age, gender, new versus repeat customers, and even separates the high-performing from the low-performing site visitors to create a targeted, personal experience for everyone.

Optimizely's statistics provide marketers with the necessary guidance they need to focus on the audiences that matter most, and for those who want to further develop their Optimizely skills, the Optiverse platform offers tips and advice, and can connect you with other marketing professionals who are concurrently using the Optimizely platform.

An Optimizely starter plan is free for smaller projects and allows up to 3 seats. Enterprise accounts are for larger projects and companies, and can be customized based on the brand’s needs.

Check out Optimizely's new personalization offering here:


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