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Clients and Agencies Should Embrace “The Challenger Sale"

As a part of the AgencySparks vetting process, we interview agencies to determine the health of their current or past relationships. Over the course of 45 sets of interviews conducted, we have found a reoccurring theme - agencies who are “order takers” tend to have weaker client relationships.

Agencies need to become challengers in order to offer their client’s the best solutions.

The Challenger Sale Approach, which is based off of Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamsons book “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation,” is a method to help salespeople (or agencies) build healthy relationships with clients by challenging them.

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Purposeful Hiring: What to Look For in a Sales Superstar

Hiring the right salesperson is a crucial aspect of growing your business –– it makes all the difference between failure and success. But hiring talented salespeople is notoriously hard, especially if you lack the interview expertise and experience to make the best hiring decisions. Luckily, we work with a master of sales who recently shed some light on the subject.

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