#MarketersBreakfast - Unlocking the Secrets of the Agency-Client Relationship

AgencySparks is dedicated to connecting established brands with exceptional marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that facilitates mixing and mingling between the two and encourages discussion about relevant marketing trends.

With 45 attendees, including both AgencySparks’ impressive agency partners and distinguished brand leaders from companies like InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Piedmont Healthcare, Habitat for Humanity, Carrier, and numerous others, this quarter’s #MarketersBreakfast was the most well-attended - making it an AgencySparks best!

This particular breakfast was unique in that AgencySparks CEO, Joe Koufman, presented the results of a Marketing Relationship Survey that AgencySparks has been conducting since early May to understand marketers’ relationships with their agencies. As a matchmaker between brands and agencies, AgencySparks is in a unique position to understand the agency-client relationship.

Over 170+ of the respondents included CMOs, EVP/VPs of Marketing, Marketing Directors, and other senior level marketers who shared their perspectives about areas of current and future spending, criteria for selecting new agencies, and satisfaction variables.

The complete results will be published soon. In the meantime, here are some key insights uncovered from the survey results:

Marketers’ Priorities

Marketers care most about:

Marketers care least about:

Marketers’ Selection

Marketers trust referrals most when it comes to agency selection. It is important to choose an agency that has the capabilities to meet the client’s needs, deliver the ask, and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Need help finding such a perfect match?

AgencySparks is a credible source to seek qualified agency candidates for a marketer’s selection process.

Marketers’ Satisfaction

Less than half of the marketers surveyed rated their agency with a satisfaction level of 9-10 (which is the range that indicates loyalty). This means that, if the opportunity presented itself, these marketeters would be likely to switch agencies.

Clients are generally content with how their agency manages and communicates projects, but would prefer more data-driven and innovation focused results and delivery.


As AgencySparks is wrapping up the Marketing Relationship Survey for clients, a survey is being launched to understand the agency perspective on the agency/client relationship.

Once the second survey is complete, a thorough analysis will be done to compare the different perspectives.

Senior staff at marketing agencies are invited to share opinions here: http://www.MarketingAgencySurvey.com

In addition to sharing the Marketing Relationship Survey results, the AgencySparks team supplied a physical copy of “The Complete Guide to Selecting a Marketing Agency” to each guest. This guide is designed to help brand marketers select the perfect marketing agency the first go-around and skip messy and unnecessary “break ups” with their current agency partners.

The Guide to Selecting a Marketing Agency helps brand marketers select, choose, budget, and decipher between marketing agencies to ensure a long-lasting, healthy agency-client relationship.

The guide can be found here: http://AgencyChooser.com 

Previous #MarketersBreakfasts have been themed around: recommended marketing tools, marketing group therapy, speed-dating, crafting an ideal customer experience, measurement, and creativity. Each event’s purpose is to create a comfortable atmosphere where brands and agencies connect with one another and learn about the best marketing practices. The breakfasts open windows for AgencySparks to do what the team does best - “serve as matchmakers for brands and agencies.”

If you are a senior marketer from a brand interested in attending one of our future breakfasts, or an agency interested in working with AgencySparks please contact us!

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