Setup Offers Marketing Recruiting

Since our founding in 2014, Setup has made it a priority to connect senior marketers with the resources they need to succeed. In our first five years, we have seen our business evolve. Matchmaking between brands and agencies has always been our bread and butter…but we are often asked to help fill marketing job openings or connect marketers with potential jobs. In one sense, we have always been amateur recruiters, so it is time to formalize the offering.

To fulfill our promise to brands as a go-to marketing resource, Setup is now offering recruiting as a service.

Recruiting is not for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot of work, so we have partnered with a top recruiting firm to help us find qualified candidates for tough to fill job openings and also help senior marketers who are out of work secure their next gig.

According to, more than 40% of employers worry they won’t get qualified candidates.

Setup has deeper client-side and agency-side marketing relationships than anyone in the Southeast (or perhaps the nation). Due to this extensive network of marketing professionals, Setup is uniquely qualified to act as a partner to job providers and seekers. By adding job recruitment to our service offerings, we can guide marketers seeking employment through their next job search and connect them with the right job opportunities and employers. Then, once they land in their new role, we are in a position to help them assess their team and agency relationships.

While Setup is focused on delivering opportunities for job seekers primarily in the metro Atlanta area, we can help employers fill key marketing positions anywhere in the US. Initially our focus will be on senior marketers, but eventually, we hope to also help recent graduates along navigate their marketing career path.

Just like when we match brands and agencies, the recruitment process requires listening to your marketing team’s needs and then finding potential solutions for the identified problems. Sourcing candidates, filtering through resumes, checking references, and making introductions and then ultimately collecting a commission, is hard work. We have already helped several significant brands fill their pipeline with great marketing candidates and we are now thrilled to scale this service.

To learn more about our recruitment offerings, visit our What We Do page.

AgencySparks is offering a new recruiting service to connect senior marketers with qualified candidates as well as potential job seekers with job opportunities.