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What to Do When You're Stuck with a Marketing Agency Infographic

Collaborative partnerships are built on trust, communication, reasonable expectations, and shared goals. However, if you have exhausted all of your options and still feel stuck with your agency partner, you need to do something about it. 

There are plenty of reasons why a brand would stay with their agency partner. If you are a client-side marketer that is unhappy with your current agency partner, use these tips to approach communicating and evaluating the business partnership.

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Couple's Therapy for the Agency-Client Relationship

Marketers are masters at mass communication. So why is the agency-client relationship such a fragmented one? Since 1984, the average duration of the agency-client relationship has decreased from 7.2 years down to now less than 3 years. Tim Leake's 4-point plan for increasing trust, pictured above, provides a little bit of insight into how agencies can combat the new norms of the agency-client relationship.

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