Through the Eyes of The Intern

You'll never guess how I got my internship at AgencySparks…

That's right, Instagram. One DM and two phone calls later, I was picking out work ensembles and moving to a new apartment in Atlanta for the summer. I was warmly greeted with a welcome package on my desk when I arrived on my first day at AgencySparks, but I had to admit, I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. This was all very new to me!

It didn't take long for me to fit right in, asking questions and learning as quickly as I could. It was like a whole new world had opened up once I felt confident that I could make an impact.

With the help of our trusty selfie stick, I created a Summer Selfie Series (#SelfieSparks) to illustrate a day in the life of my journey with the outstanding team members of AgencySparks.

What I Learned

  • Everything happens for a reason. I'd only considered summer internships at large agencies, but found that working for a small startup was even better than I could've imagined.
  • Be confident and stay positive. My positive attitude helped ensure conviction of a great idea.
  • Ask a lot of questions. All new jobs require an adjustment period, but the more questions I asked, the more I learned and excelled.
  • Take initiative. This was a very important part of my experience. I always offered my services to lend support for anyone who needed help, and asked to get involved with anything I thought I might enjoy. I even sent out a mid-summer survey to get feedback on my performance.
  • My needs vs company's needs. I wanted to cultivate certain skill sets, but I also never lost sight of my role in supporting the company's goals.
  • Show enthusiasm. Getting excited about the projects I worked on went a long way for me.
  • Everything takes time. It took some time for me to build relationships and earn trust –– I didn’t start feeling 100% comfortable until about a month into my internship, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Favorite Things About AgencySparks

  • People. I know this is the generic answer, but I truly mean it. All of my coworkers were overwhelmingly supportive and cared about helping me learn and grow. I've never had so many mentors! Everyone was so kind, and it was genuinely appreciated.
  • Culture. I loved being able to walk a few feet across the office to toss ideas around, have a brainstorming session, or attend a meeting.
  • Variety. I developed new prospecting ideas for seven different specialist agency partners ranging from web design and video to influencer marketing, creative, and more.
  • Drive. Everyone at AgencySparks enjoys the work they do. They're driven and determined to create agency/client relationships, and are always willing to try new things to succeed.

Favorite Things About Interning at a Startup

  • Didn’t feel like an intern. I was treated like an employee and my opinions and ideas mattered.
  • Wore many hats. I learned so much and grew my skill set in such a short time. I was given a lot of responsibilities and gained experience in every aspect of the business, large and small.
  • Enjoyed laid-back office. Startups are generally not strict about dress code (see: pics of me in my snuggie.) We played music every day, and working on the couch was always an option.
  • Brought fresh perspective. New ideas are always encouraged at fast-paced startups.
  • Did zero grunt-work. I was responsible for real, impactful work, and no, I was never asked to get coffee for everyone –– thanks, Ethan ;)
  • Interacted with everyone. Startups are small; I built relationships with all four of my colleagues.
  • Flexed creative muscles. I loved testing and implementing new, creative marketing ideas, like my 1 Second Everyday video below:

1 Second Everyday Internship Reel

To all you college students and soon-to-be graduates, I urge you to never shy away from an opportunity where you'd be the only intern. Think of how much you can learn (and the impact you can make) when you're given a variety of responsibilities, instead of working in a silo at a larger company.

Atlanta has some great events and programs where you can network and meet other interns, like AIMA and ChooseATL After 5.

AgencySparks will always have a place in my heart, and I'd like to thank Joe, Stephanie, Kate, and Ethan for making this such a memorable summer!

by: Kayla Floyd