Gifts for Marketers

The holidays are swiftly approaching and you don’t have a gift for your marketing team. Your co-workers are nice. Past happy hours have been enjoyable, but who are they outside of work and what do they even like?

Karen always goes for a run during her lunch she likes being outside, right? Donny attends all of his kids’ sports games...are sports tickets too much?

What is the one thing you all have in common? A career in marketing.

No one co-worker is the same, so we compiled a list of gifts for the different types of marketers found in your office space.

17 Gifts for Marketers

A gift for the INSPIRED marketer

Felt Letter Board With Stand and Wall Mount, 10" x 10" Changeable Message Board With Oak Frame, 540 White and Gold Letters, Numbers, Emojis and Symbols, Wooden Characters Signs Letterboard (Black)

Life gets so busy and tasks often pile up until everything is overwhelming. A single person’s mood or energy can affect the entire office. This co-worker may get stressed from time to time but an inspirational talk always brightens their day. Help them have constant inspiration on their desk with this affordable gift!

Price: $17.97


A gift for the WORLDLY marketer

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Globe Whisky Glasses - for Liquor, Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka - 850ml

Let’s be real...a little alcohol never hurt anyone. Agencies are known for beer Fridays and open bars are definitely a necessity at networking events, but why not class up your stash? This Whiskey Globe is perfect for your adventure-seeking marketer with a big personality and zest for life. With a role in marketing, things are always changing so they’re also bound to be stressful. Marketers are becoming the C-Suite’s most crucial member, thus one of the busiest. This gift can certainly help take the edge off after a busy day.

Price: $59.95


A gift for the ARTSY marketer

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera (Yellow) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This team member is always capturing the most beautiful and pure moments. Most likely they work in creative or social media because they have a keen sense of fashion (and Instagram followers out the wazoo). Though this gift is a little pricey, it will certainly help them capture the office culture in a fresh style.

Price: $69.15

Livoty Chicken Lay Egg Mesh Ball Stress Squeeze Grape Toys Anxiety Relief Stress Ball

A gift for the STRESSED marketer

Sometimes work can be frustrating. Hand this gift to your co-worker to remind them that no amount of stress can scare them from doing a great job!

Price: $2.59


A gift for the “ALWAYS COLD” marketer

Heating Pad, Electric Heated Foot Warmer - Auto Shut Off, Ultra Soft Flannel Heat Therapy Wrap Extra Large for Feet, Back, Waist, Abdomen with Extra Long Cord, 21" x 20" by PROALLE

Days can be long, office temperatures can be all over the place, and constant meetings or trade shows can take a toll on the feet. Tell your co-worker to treat themselves!

Price: $61.99


A gift for the LONER marketer

Go Away. I'm on a deadline. T-Shirt

Or maybe your co-worker just needs some time on their own and doesn’t know how to communicate that!

Price: $25.25

7eaven Shop 3D Print T-Shirt with Hip Hop Sleeves

A gift for the CAGED marketer

Look to your left and look to your right. That’s right. One of your co-workers is a HUGE Nicolas Cage fan. Every office has one. Unleash the cage and gift them this sweet surprise. This gift is also a free giggle every time they wear it on casual Fridays (because...obviously...they will never take it off).

Price: $20


A gift for the CONNECTED marketer

Lipper International 810 Bamboo Wood Expandable Business Card Holder with Alphabet Index Tabs, 5" x 8" x 2 1/4"

This gift is for your sales, business development, or networking connoisseur - the guy/gal known for relationship-building. From scattered to clean, this gift will organize their desk and, quite possibly, their life.

Price: $24.86


A gift for THE OFFICE marketer

Hillman 841754 Office Visual Impact Self Adhesive Sign, Black and White Plastic, 3x9 Inches 1-Sign

Getting an Office-themed gift for someone in your office? How meta. There is a 99.99% someone in your office loves “The Office”- So this gift is a safe bet. Spice up their day and desk by gifting them this simple yet delightful flair!

Price: $7.70


A gift for the FORGETFUL marketer

Knock Knock Nag Note Sticky Notes (Simple Stickies)

Project management tools help keep everyone on the same page, but there are always nitty gritty details that slip through the cracks. No longer will this be an issue with these humorous sticky notes.

Price: $3.37


A gift for the POWERFUL marketer

Belkin 8-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector with 6-Foot Power Cord, 2160 Joules (BP108000-06)

No more tripping over cords in search of an outlet. With this gift, your monitor-loving co-worker can plug in as many cords as their heart delights without any trouble!

Price: $23.14



Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook, Executive Size

This co-worker loves to take old school notes with a pen and paper. They also love the planet. Give them this snazzy, reusable notebook so that they can help save the environment during every meeting!

Price: $32


A gift for the COFFEE CONNOISSEUR marketer

Marketers often spend countless evenings planning, drafting, and refining projects. Give the gift of life this holiday (in the form of caffeine) with this neat travel mug.

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Natural Cork Band. 12-Ounce/Medium, Press

A gift or the SINGLE marketer

No explanation necessary!

Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend Novelty

Price: $3.49 & $4.98


A gift for the CURIOUS marketer


Since marketers are so obsessed with data (and the story data tells), some of your co-workers (perhaps in the data analytics space) would appreciate a 23andMe test. It may also help explain their office quirks!


A gift for the BOOKWORM marketer

The Challenger Sale is a great book for ANY business person - not just marketers.

Price: $11.05

Or, if you’re looking for a different book to gift this holiday season, here is a list of excellent marketing books to help you brainstorm!


A gift for ANY coworker

Because we’re all just doing our best.

Price: $10.00

So click away, put a smile on Karen’s face, and happy holidays! Share your favorite gifts for marketers in the comments!