Crafting a Productive Marketer

The task: finish the blog in a day. Naturally, the topic of productivity seemed like a breeze. So, at the beginning of the day, I attended to my other duties, taking my time, knowing at the back of my mind I would eventually complete the blog.

Part of my job is to monitor social media and, well, it can easily become a distraction from other tasks. One Twitter article sparks curiosity which leads to another and then another until you’ve traveled down a rabbit hole and lost track of your main objective and, more importantly, your time.

I know I am not the only one who has a serious diagnosis of procrastination.  Being productive can be a challenge with my short attention span and list of everything else I could be doing in that moment scrolling through my brain like the Star Wars intro. If you’re of the rare species who excels in time management, I applaud you. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that at least one second of your day has been wasted, and all it takes is a second because each second adds up.

In a world filled with distractions endlessly piling onto one another, there steps you can take to improve.

This blog was inspired by a Marketing Mindset video on Productivity in which AgencySparks CEO, Joe Koufman, discusses the book 15 Surprising Things Productive People do Differently written by Kevin Kruse.

You can buy his best-selling book here. Or download his free infographic here

Knowing how to be productive is beneficial to everyone, but how can we, as marketers, improve our productivity.


Plan everything. Communicate objectives thoroughly to your team so that everyone collaborates and is on the same page. Delegate and manage tasks - marketing managers are not as useful if they are involved in every little task. Strive for effectiveness and efficiency in everything you do. Utilizing content calendars, productivity bots, or smart digital marketing tools help optimize time and energy. Formulating a comprehensive marketing budget before the year maintains a purposeful team and a proactive marketing director.

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

It’s easier said than done. Start every action thinking about the consumer’s perspective and what they find valuable. Save time and money by reusing templates and content and organizing the content in calendars. Reduce work revisions and miscommunication by holding frequent meetings. Having open communication ensures everyone understands the objectives, clarifies feedback, encourages collaboration, and streamlines approvals. Consolidate and standardize marketing operations by staffing appropriately and using tools when necessary.

Track Progress

Consistently evaluate your own work in addition to the team’s. Qualitative and quantitative reporting - such as analytical data and weekly updates - impact future productivity and outcomes.

Take advantage of these marketing activities to lead to the best productivity according to Docurated:

15 ways to be more productive in your life and your job by Kevin Kruse.

Day-by-day it gets easier to be more productive. Follow the 15 steps to make your overall life more productive and then translate those efforts into your work, You will find it is not as difficult once you put a little effort into it.