#MarketersBreakfast - Connecting Brands and Agencies with the Best Marketing Tools

AgencySparks is dedicated to bringing together marketers from established brands and top marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that not only facilitates mixing and mingling but explores a topic that is intriguing and relevant to senior marketers.

Among the familiar faces present at the most recent #MarketersBreakfast were AgencySparks’ brilliant agency partners and distinguished brand leaders from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Coca-Cola, Newell Brands, Delta Airlines, Porsche, Carrier, and Red Bull.

To lead this breakfast’s discussion, AgencySparks invited Christien Louviere from SellPersonal to discuss marketing tools and the best practices for selecting a proper tool for a company.

As attendees trickled into the room, the smell of coffee filling the air, the mingling began. AgencySparks is known to host events that make networking easy and seamless. This was the most well attended AgencySparks #MarketersBreakfast yet and, according to the post-event survey results, an overwhelming number of guests stated the breakfast was a “great experience with opportunities to connect and learn.”

Louviere answered several questions about how he helps clients evaluate and select new tools and the process to replace tools. A helpful method to diagnose where a tool is needed is to record a video of an employee’s screen  as they are trying to accomplish tasks to observe the processes needed to accomplish goals. Next there is some analysis to determine what type of tool could optimize the employee’s time to be more productive. During the discussion attendees asked how he would advise a manager to enforce a new tool, his answer was simple, obvious, and honest - “you just do it.”

During the event, each marketer contributed to the “tool board,” placing a sticky note of their favorite marketing tool under the four categories: Management, Content, Measurement, and Execution. Here is the completed list of marketing tools. Please feel free to contribute other marketing tools in the comments section below.

Previous #MarketersBreakfasts have been themed: marketing group therapy, speed-dating, crafting an ideal customer experience, measurement, and creativity. Each event’s purpose is to create a comfortable atmosphere where brands and agencies connect with one another and learn about the best marketing practices. The breakfast opens a window for AgencySparks to do what the team does best - “serve as matchmakers for brands and agencies.”

If you are a senior marketer from a brand interested in attending one of our future breakfasts, or an agency interested in working with AgencySparks please contact us!

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