7 Critical Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Agency

One critical component of hiring a new marketing agency is to not only consider the hard costs, but also the “cost” of the opportunity itself.

How many of you struggle with decision-making? (raises hand)

You’re not alone! Many people debate pros and cons for way too long, or experience buyer’s remorse the minute the ink has dried.

So, in an effort to lessen the likelihood that your agency selection process will drive you crazy, we’ve come up with a couple of questions that can help you make the best possible decision, and then rest easy, knowing you made the right choice.

  • What is my primary motivation to hire this agency?

  • How will hiring this agency help me? How will it hurt me?

  • What is my biggest deterrent to hire this agency? Does my reasoning justify not having help from the agency?

  • Will hiring this agency get me closer to or further away from my marketing vision for the company?

  • Will hiring this agency reinforce my brand/company’s positioning, or diminish it?

  • Will this agency’s support resonate positively or negatively with my team?

  • Will management (CEO, SVP, GM, etc.) be supportive of this new agency relationship? (This one is important, as your leadership team can be your biggest advocates or your worst enemies when it comes to marketing agency selection.)