Marketing Mob Talks webinar - Joe Koufman

On January 9, 2018, AgencySparks CEO Joe Koufman was a guest of Marketing Mob CEO Annelle Barnett's Marketing Mob Talks webinar:

During the discussion, Joe talks about:

  • How brands are abandoning the AOR model and seeking specialist marketing agencies
  • The new role of the CMO as a conductor of a "jazz quartet" of agencies
  • AgencySparks services to bridge the gap between brands and marketing agencies

Three tips to ensure a good match between brand and agency:

  1.  Understanding

    1. Business needs
    2. Desired outcome
    3. Marketing history 
    4. Agency relationship/history
    5. Evaluation criteria
    6. Validate understanding
  2. Insight

    1. Examples of past relevant agency work
    2. Examples of past successful relationships
    3. Ideas for potential positive outcomes
  3. Introduction

    1. Get permission from both parties
    2. Facilitate a warm connection
    3. Follow-up to ensure connection is made
    4. Follow-up to ensure connection is valuable for both parties


AgencySparks specializes in using these tips to make strong connections between agencies and brands. We have a thorough vetting process to make sure brands are connected with and selecting top-tier agencies