Marketers Toolbox - PandaDoc

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is an easy-to-use document management software that enables easy communication and organization with a team.

Why is this tool helpful?

This tool allows documents such as proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, etc to be created, sent, tracked, and shared among team members. Clients can also automate their sales process quickly through PandaDoc. More organization means more time saved and efficiency.

How is it used?

PandaDoc offers trials, resources, detailed onboarding services, and software walkthroughs to assist users. The user signs up and selects which features most align with their goals. Features include cost and price configurations, content, roles management, template embedding, and document forwarding and access, among many other offerings. There are a range of templates available from invoices to agreements to receipts and the like.

Who would benefit from using PandaDoc?

Any team that needs to organize and manage eSign documents.