Marketers Toolbox: Salesflare

Note: The Marketer’s Toolbox series teaches our readers about new technology we’re using (or experimenting with) that proves to be useful, productive, or just plain entertaining. As a marketer’s secret weapon, AgencySparks believes that the tools we use are vital to our success, thus, a marketer’s toolbox is truly one of our most important resources.

Marketers Toolbox: Salesflare

Administrative tasks are the less glamorous, but still necessary part of a salesperson's job, but the more time a salesperson spends doing data entry means less time for actually selling.

Salesflare is an intelligent sales CRM that automatically fills its contact book from company and contact info pulled from email signatures, social profiles, and other sources. By automatically logging meetings, phone calls, and files that are exchanged with clients, Salesflare saves countless time that can be reinvested in activities that move the needle.

The dashboard shows all current opportunities in one smart overviews while also notifying the user when and how customers have engaged with them digitally. Through email integration, Saleflare offers email tracking, link tracking, and website tracking to deliver real time analytics. 

salesflare dashboard

Finally, team collaboration makes sure that everyone is working from one contact list with updated information as well as interactions.


salesflare pricing

Salesflare is a great tool that saves a sales team time that can be better spent selling.


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