Marketers Toolbox - HeyOrca

What is HeyOrca?

HeyOrca is a visual content platform for marketing agencies and clients to schedule, share, and review content.

Why is this tool helpful?

HeyOrca is an organizational tool that helps users manage multiple clients’ agendas. The user can instantly share their work with their client, easing and quickening the communication process. Internal processes are also sped up with HeyOrca. HeyOrca is a single location where designers, copywriters, and team members can place their work for comments and approval before the final copy is sent to the client.

How is it used?

Each client is assigned their own calendar and asset library ordered by tags and themes. The client provides feedback to the user’s published work. This streamlines the back and forth communication process and ensures more thorough and open collaboration. Once the client approves of the content, it is published to scheduled social media channels. The tool then provides analytics and reporting to determine the success of the posts.

Who would benefit from using HeyOrca?

Any agency or brand that is handling multiple social media accounts would benefit from this tool. If the user is only handling single channels or one client, then the tool may not be necessary.


Users can request a demo, but there are three pricing options depending on the need and number of accounts.

HeyOrca pricing opetions depending on the user's need and the business' client numbers.