Setup Perfect Match Video BLOOPERS

You may recall that around Valentine's Day, Setup launched a campaign called: The Perfect Match. We initiated the effort by sending a physical package containing a custom-made matchbox full of tiny, heart-shaped candies and a message asking the recipient to go to where they could watch this video:

The campaign culminated with a Perfect Match "speed dating" event that allowed our guests (senior marketing leaders) to meet many of our agency partners in rapid succession.

We wanted to put our best foot forward by working with our partner Hencar to produce the most fantastic video we could, and we received excellent feedback on the finished product!

But as you know, when producing a great video, the production crew usually keeps the cameras rolling even when the "talent" is delivering a less-than-stellar performance. Behold, the blooper video from our photo shoot. We had a blast filming it, and hopefully, you have a chuckle or two when you watch it: