AgencySparks CEO Featured in Two Publications

AgencySparks CEO, Joe Koufman, was featured in two publications last week:

1. Pace Communications, which publishes an online magazine called Content+, interviewed Joe for a story they published about 48in48 – a weekend-long event that solicited help from Atlanta's best digital marketing/technology experts with building 48 websites for 48 local non-profits in 48 hours. Read more about this charitable event here on Joe's personal blog.

Here is the article featured on Pace Communications' Content+ site.

2. SellPersonal, a company run by Christien Louviere, exists purely to strengthen the brand platforms of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Christien's podcast features Q&A-style interviews with the best and brightest entrepreneurs about building stronger relationships with their clients.

Here is a link to the SellPersonal podcast.

In it, he talks about why AgencySparks was created, and discusses the difficulties he faced with creating demand, and with educating people about the company. He explains what makes him so great at connecting people, and distinguishes the differences between selling a product and selling a service (i.e. “What would you like to accomplish?” vs “How many do you want?”)

Interview topics include:

  • The truth about referrals
  • Setting your team up for success
  • Joe’s five steps to finding the opportunity
  • Why your cultivated relationships matter
  • The benefits of not being desperate to make the sale
  • Understanding the value of experts vs. generalists  

Joe also talks about how you can apply his life lessons to your own, and how he worked through his flaws and grew from them.

We're very excited that AgencySparks was featured in these two fine publications, and we would love to get your feedback about these conversations!