The Marketer's Secret Weapon: Introducing Our New Services

When AgencySparks was founded over a year and a half ago, our initial business model was to create value by providing brands with direct access to thoroughly vetted specialist marketing agencies, at no cost to them. We were proclaimed to be “match-makers” because we wanted to help great brands connect with their perfect agency match. While delivering that core service, we were increasingly receiving requests from clients who needed help thinking through their marketing ecosystems and agency relationships.

With the increased demand from brands/clients, AgencySparks has launched a series of services focused on becoming the “Marketer’s Secret Weapon,” meaning that marketers often need additional fire power to vet agencies, find talent, or build a business case for more budget.

Some examples of the reasoning for the new services include a large beverage company wondering if AgencySparks could help them pare their agency roster to a more manageable list. Also a global transaction processing company asked us to help them understand their ideal digital marketing ecosystem and the resources that would be needed to help them get there. Lastly, with deep relationships on both the agency and client side, we’re frequently asked to help source candidates for difficult to fill job openings.

We hope that these additional services can help clients solve some challenging problems.

Shameless plug: if any of these services are interesting to you, please feel free to contact us.