Meet Dragon Army [Infographic]

About Dragon Army

This month at the Regional Cyber Security Summit in Romania, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce, Bruce Andrews, predicted that the number of global Internet-connected devices will triple by 2020, to more than 50 billion units. To keep up with the changing landscape, brands are using mobile experiences to make themselves more accessible to their consumers in a fun and engaging way, and Dragon Army is the agency that creates those mobile experiences.

Fun fact: Dragon Army got its name from the short story (and later expanded novel and movie) Ender’s Game. Dragon Army refers to the most successful army in Battle School history, never losing one match. Although the mobile experience agency isn’t fighting in a zero-gravity environment or defeating the Formics, they were specifically created to educate highly intelligent marketers in the art of gaming and mobile.

Reasons We Love Dragon Army

Helping Brands With Fun Marketing

Dragon Army combines the power of human behavior with the psychology of gaming to create fun experiences for all types of consumers to enjoy. By emphasizing the importance of “play”, their mobile strategies activate more word-of-mouth marketing than any social media interaction ever could.

For example, Chick-fil-A hired Dragon Army to develop a mobile app for their annual Leadercast Live event, in an effort to successfully activate 100,000+ live attendees and simulcast viewers in 75+ countries. Promised an “epic leadership experience,” the Leadercast audiences were thrilled with the app, which allowed them to participate in live polls, communicate through real-time social feeds, and experience speeches that were accompanied by choreographed images and sounds on their mobile devices.

A New Way of Looking at Digital Engagement

Mounting evidence suggests that games are one of the most engaging types of media; so much so that doctors are beginning to employ them as a form of pain relief for victims of severe burns and other extreme trauma, as reported by Science Daily. The power of Applied Game Tactics™ incorporates ideas like social competition that can help brands make a more emotional, meaningful connection – and lead to longer-lasting relationships – with their audiences.

Take, for example, Robots Love Ice Cream –– Dragon Army designed this consumer app and cross-promoted it with Arby’s newly launched Orange Cream Shake. The result from this branded consumer game? Robust ROI for Arby’s, and a 2015 MAX Award for Innovation in Marketing Excellence for Dragon Army.


Providing Solutions, Not Just Services

Dragon Army provides their clients with self-service tools that offer customized advice and data-driven insights.  They created an iPad app for Max Credit Union that asks a series of questions to help identify the right solution for a person’s financial situation, which reduced the need for costly customer service support. They further exceeded expectations with their implementation of  an in-store “virtual agent” digital kiosk.

Where to Find The Group Of Game Developers and Mobile Experts:

1440 Dutch Valley PL NE

Suite 250

Atlanta, GA 30324

You can also buy Dragon Army swag here.