Meet THINK [Infographic]


THINK is an interactive marketing agency focused on smart thinking, collaboration, and innovation. For the last 20 years, this group of thinkers and tinkerers have transformed how people connect with brands by creating engaging, digital experiences, and leveraging new technologies. THINK sees what others may not consider, and their ideas produce measurable results for brands and  consumers.

3 Reasons Why We Love THINK

Affordable Innovation

While web design, user experience, and digital strategy are THINK’s primary deliverables, the real genius lies in their rapid prototyping and structured innovation platform called THINKFAST. The prototyping framework facilitates co-creation of new products, systems, and solutions, but doesn’t require a tremendous amount of time or up-front investment. THINKFAST’s other path for engagement is a unique set of workshops and immersion sessions that help brands get their teams aligned and focused on innovative business ideas.

Here’s how they describe it:

“(THINKFAST) helps forward-thinking clients conceive, design, and develop next-generation products, services and interface experiences that run on, connect to or are delivered via new technologies. Working closely with your cross-department team, we’ll uncover digitally focused, innovative opportunities beyond your current vision — and bring them to life. The end result: rapid, repeatable, digital-first innovation ideas and programs that have the power to drive your business forward.”

THINK's Digital to Physical Workshop

THINK's Digital to Physical Workshop

Emerging Technology Discovery

THINK’s senior executives have specialized in emerging technologies since the early ’90s, which puts them at the forefront of  the digital revolution –– from the meteoric rise of the Internet and broadband to social media and mobile, they’ve watched consumer adoption of various technologies soar from 9 percent to 90 percent! Today, as we approach a similar inflection point for wearable technology and augmented reality. 

With that transition already underway, guess who has all the cool gadgets? You guessed it –– THINK. Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Arduino, Raspberry Pi… you name it. Their experience design staff are always testing out and playing with the latest gadgets.

Way to make our smartphones feel antiquated, THINK.

Googly eyes on the Oculus Rift

Googly eyes on the Oculus Rift

Renowned Technology Leaders and Speakers

THINK’s senior leadership are active in the technology and digital innovations communities, and have been tapped to speak at several industry events, including:

They also sponsored “The 6 Disciplines of Innovation” a white paper featuring research and insight from THINKFAST.

Where To Meet This Culture of Innovative and Curious Folks:

Their new headquarters in downtown Atlanta –– 260 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 1100 Atlanta, GA 30303