Meet BrightWave [Infographic]


BrightWave has earned the right to call themselves North America’s leading email marketing agency because they’ve stayed true to maintaining their position at the forefront of the email marketing industry (and won a few awards and written a few books in the process.) While other digital agencies continue adding new capabilities to their repertoire, BrightWave specifically focuses on elevating email marketing programs that drive substantial revenue, cut costs, and build better customer relationships for some of the biggest brands in the world.

3 Reasons Why We Love BrightWave

Renowned thought leadership and industry expertise

BrightWave literally wrote the book on email marketing! The agency’s CEO, Simms Jenkins, is the author of the definitive email marketing books, “The Truth About Email Marketing” and “The New Inbox.”  He provided us with some insight as to why customers unsubscribe from marketing emails here, and detailed best practices on growing a subscriber base.

High-Level Value Proposition

BrightWave has over a decade of experience specializing in email strategy, creative, and campaign management.  They operate as an extension of their clients’ digital marketing team –– managing technology, working with their legal department, collaborating with other agencies, and ensuring email performance is optimized with in-depth research and analysis.

Proprietary Mobile-Optimized Email Technology 

Bottom line, Brightwave offers a deep understanding of email communication that incorporates important elements like adherence to strict brand guidelines, and responsive design techniques to engage customers via mobile and desktop.

Our Favorite BrightWave Email Campaign

BrightWave has produced some fantastic work, and in our opinion, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta segmented welcome series is our favorite. The engaging email content connects with select patients on a deeper level with touching stories, moving videos, and health information.We love when marketing is used in a meaningful way. You can’t say this series doesn’t tug at your heart strings.

Where To Chase Down These Tech-Obsessed Email Ninjas:

67 Peachtree Park Dr., Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30309

(Be sure you check out their aptly-titled nautical monster conference rooms: Siren, Kraken, Urchin, Poseidon, Nessie, Hydra, and Leviathan. They might even let you don a white sailor hat to tour the office.)