Will Tesla Pay for Advertising in 2015?

Marketing is an important part of many brands’ growth strategies, which is why Tesla Motors’ success despite its lack of marketing makes for an interesting story.

The company has projected that it will sell 55,000 vehicles globally this year –– a 75% increase from last year’s sales.

Perhaps the marketing lies in the demand. Tesla’s Roadster vehicle is now being delivered to consumers in just 20 days, which may indicate a stronger supply of this model, while the more affordable Model S and Model X currently hold 30,000 customers’ deposits, and promise delivery in early 2016. This certainly illustrates the age-old marketing rule –– consumers want what they can’t have.

For now, Tesla is sticking with tried-and-true tools like word-of-mouth, free test drives, and superior customer service for both current and potential buyers.

CEO Elon Musk’s recent comments about Tesla’s strategy fuels rumors that Apple may acquire the electric carmaker. “I do have a secret weapon on the demand side that we'll probably start to deploy later this year for demand generation,” he said.

While this may be hearsay, it’s widely known that Tesla and Apple have similar corporate cultures, and that the electric carmaker has poached an employee or two from the iBehemoth.

Tesla’s future is sure to be incredibly exciting and incredibly unpredictable. Do you think Tesla Motors will be required to advertise in a more traditional sense this year in order to reach their sales goals, especially considering their risks?