Creative Tip of the Day #5: Finding Your Creative Outlet

Creatives around the world get their inspiration from different places. There’s not a secret formula to being a “creative type.” Being creative is just like any other skill, and it may come naturally to some more  than others.

Creativity comes in all different forms. For some, it’s writing or painting, and for others, it’s being outside or working with a team. If you’re like me, you might not even know what that creative outlet looks like, which is why it’s important to have many hobbies and interests that help you express your creativity.

How do you start building that comprehensive list of creative sources if you don’t jump out of your comfort zone? Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do that you thought you may have been too scared (busy, young, old, unqualified, etc.) to try before.

Creative ideas lie in that new, sometimes intimidating territory. The unknown is an opportunity to create, and, as cliche as it sounds, you might be pleasantly surprised with your experiences as the world opens itself up to you. It’s time to dust off that bucket list or attempt that “thing” you keep putting off.

Tip #5: Pick a few creative outlets that are meaningful to you. Don’t try to live someone else’s artistic life –– sculpt your own authentic path to creativity by trying something new that you’ve always wanted to experience.


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