Top 5 AgencySparks Blog Posts of 2014

Did you read our blog in 2014? It's not "so last year", we promise. Here’s a brief synopsis: we published informative marketer and agency interviews, event recaps, industry trends, best practices, and hot topics in digital marketing. We gave our readers a comprehensive view of the current marketing landscape, and hopefully a little more seasoning to their daily reading.

On behalf of the AgencySparks team, we want to thank you for reading! Successful B2B content marketers know it’s not an easy task to create content and maintain a blog, and we appreciate you taking the time to read, like, and share our posts, because we truly enjoyed writing them. 

Here is a list of our most popular blog posts in 2014, based on Google Analytics and social media metrics:

5. The Dysfunctional Agency-Client Relationship

As a company that is focused on connecting marketers with specialist agencies, it’s become clear to us that agencies and clients are not always on the same page. In this post, we uncover some brutal and honest confessions from both sides of the spectrum, and provide a four-point plan for increasing trust. Read the naked truth here.

4. That’s Not How You Market To Millennials

Millennials are digital natives, and are more connected to each other than any previous generation, so it’s understandable why marketers and advertisers have defined characteristic representations of every Millennial group. The problem is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all demographic. Millennials are very diverse group, and it is more useful for marketers to reach them based on categories like experiences and lifestyle choices, to know which subgroup you want to target, appealing to each one individually. Read it here.

3. TEDxPeachtree 2014 Recap

Only at a TEDxPeachtree conference will you get to experience a beatbox performance, a talking dog, a demo of special gloves that teach people how to play piano, and a presentation on origami and space travel, all in one place. As AgencySparks’  CEO Joe Koufman put it, “It is important to feed the mind with new ideas, and build a company culture on the ideal of excellence fueled by intellectual curiosity.” Check out our recap of this brain-stimulating event here

2. MarketerInsights with Jessica Stafford

One thing we had a lot of fun with during our first year as a business was conducting MarketerInsights and AgencyInsights interviews within our network of stellar marketers and agency partners. Our most popular MarketerInsights interview of the year was with Jessica Stafford, VP of Consumer Marketing and Creative Services at Cox Automotive. Jessica details her agency search and selection process, discusses the agency/client relationship, and outlines a few pet peeves that arise when agencies vye to win Cox Automotive’s business. Check out the full MarketerInsights interview here.

1. Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

We owe our most shared blog post to the marketing community and their 2015 predictions for various digital marketing disciplines. Through a simple survey, we gathered great responses like big-screen streaming video platforms, increased importance on paid social media, brands acting as publishers, and unplugging. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these trends in 2015. Check out all the predictions here.

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