A Marketer's New Years Resolutions Infographic

Common New Years resolutions are to eat healthier, exercise, clean, become more active, and work on self. AgencySparks took these typical New Years resolutions and applied them to marketers. In the new year, marketers can work to self-reflect on what is working and set new goals to achieve new heights.

The “New Year” means hitting the giant refresh button on previous missed opportunities and past mistakes and turning over a new leaf.

Whether it was underestimating the budget, having a lack of process, or missing the mark on campaigns...marketers could definitely do better in this next year. It’s time to set some solid resolutions and work towards achieving them in 2019.

New Year's resolutions typically include exercising, cleaning, eating healthy, being more active, and focusing on self. The following tips put a marketing spin on the usual New Year’s resolutions to help marketers make the epic, game-changing moves for their brand in 2019.

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