AgencySparks is now Setup, the marketing matchmakers

AgencySparks has rebranded to Setup, the marketing matchmakers

AgencySparks has today announced its business rebrand to Setup, the marketing matchmakers.

The new name highlights the company's focus on connecting marketing leaders with partners, peers, prospective employees and educational content. The burnt-orange color will remain in the new logo as a nod to the “sparks” that have been generated over the last five-plus years and will connote the connections that are made by Setup.

Since 2014, AgencySparks has connected marketers from the most prominent brands across the U.S. with qualified marketing agencies. Setup is well-positioned to help brands and agencies thrive in an increasingly complex marketing landscape.
— Joe Koufman | Setup | Founder & CEO

While the company has been matching brands with marketing agencies for more than five years, Setup is launching a new service to assist marketers with custom, nationwide agency searches. The rigorous process of identifying, vetting, narrowing and selecting the best marketing agency partners is both challenging and time consuming. Setup is in a unique position to assist due to a proprietary process of evaluating agency capabilities and experience. 

According to the head of marketing of a $3B+ financial services technology company: “Finding a qualified agency partner was like holding down an additional full-time job on top of my ‘day job.’ Setup can reduce the burden of the search process and give us confidence that we will select the best possible partner to drive our marketing initiatives forward.”

In addition to assisting marketing agencies with an array of services designed to help them grow and connect with potential clients, Setup will continue to help brands and agencies recruit the best talent to roles that are challenging to fill.

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About Setup: 

Corporate marketing leaders need an advocate, a safe haven, a resource, a connector. Setup is just that. We connect brands with capable and compatible marketing agencies. We also connect fellow corporate marketing leaders, educational resources, potential job candidates, and much more.

Setup is all about advocating for you - we’re here to help you assemble your team, strengthen your bench, align yourself for growth, and level up.

Read the official press release here.