Marketers Toolbox - Trainual

What is Trainual?

Trainual is a process organizing tool that groups content, automates onboarding, tracks team progress, and improves training.

Why is this tool helpful?

This process management tool helps companies grow and train their teams more accurately and productively. By organizing and developing detailed processes, teams will become more product and have better alignment.

How is it used?

It’s easy to get caught up in an unorganized Google Drive or DropBox. Trainual is a useful tool to centralize and organize content and onboarding information. Users can add, edit, assign, organize, and save content in real-time. When a document is updated, related employees receive a notification to review changes and stay up to date.

Content and processes are assigned by role, department, or location so that anyone hired is prepared with the necessary knowledge and resources to tackle their role. Trainual also offers user progress monitoring to track accountability, comprehension, and commitment.

The site is also customizable and easily integrated with other applications.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Any business that is growing and hiring quickly could benefit from Trainual. Instead of placing all eggs in one basket, or team member, companies can prepare for restructuring, firing, or hiring more easily with a developed process.


There is a free 14 day trial and several pricing plans with different features. However, Trainual is willing to discuss pricing plans to serve any sized business.

Trainual pricing plans and features for businesses who want to automate and speed up their onboarding process.