Marketers Toolbox: Shift

Note: The Marketer’s Toolbox series teaches our readers about new technology we’re using (or experimenting with) that proves to be useful, productive, or just plain entertaining. As a marketer’s secret weapon, AgencySparks believes that the tools we use are vital to our success, thus, a marketer’s toolbox is truly one of our most important resources.

Marketer’s Toolbox: Shift

Tab over-usage is a constant problem overtaxing computers and users alike. With many daily tools each requiring a separate tab, browsers begin to look overwhelming. 

Shift is here to declutter those browsers and consolidate many everyday tools into an aesthetically pleasing dashboard. Shift is browser independent, working as a separate app with a simple setup, link all Gmail or Outlook accounts and easily tab between accounts and the other Google suite options. 

Notification settings can be personalized or turned off to truly avoid distraction. Instead of using multiple clicks to open the G suite dropdown, the calendar and drive connected to that email account are kept in the top right of the dashboard allowing for one click access right in the app without opening a new tab. 

Shift offers a free option that allows up to two different email accounts, but for the small fee of $19.99/yearly, Shift offers the easy tab between Mail, Calendar, and Drive, unlimited email accounts, and removes the “sent with Shift” signature, which can also be removed if one friend signs up with your referral link.  

A great UI coupled with the company's quirky sense of humor (#GetShiftDone), Shift is surely to become an indispensable tool in any teams arsenal. 

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