Marketers Toolbox - SEMrush V.S MOZ


Competitive and search engine analysis tools MOZ and SEMrush.



The payment starts at $79 annually and $99 from month to month. The first offer provides a more in depth analysis and features than that of SEMrush. Moz lacks in full reporting and keyword lists.

The Standard plan offers two user seats, five campaigns (with constant SEO monitoring), 300 keyword rankings, and 250,000 crawled pages per month. There is no ad hoc keyword search for this plan.

The $119-per-month (annual bill) Medium plan is recommended for small to midsize businesses.  Users receive 10 seats, 5,000 full keyword reports and 30 keyword lists per month, branded reports and doubled numbers of campaigns, keyword rankings, and crawled pages. 

The Large plan is $199-per-month (annual bill) and scales up a business’s digital presence with higher SEO research volumes. This plan includes 25 campaigns and seats, 1,900 keyword rankings, 1.25 million crawled pages, 15,000 keyword reports, and 60 keyword lists per month. 

The Premium selection is for enterprise organizations and is $479-per-month (annual bill). 100 campaigns, 7,500 keyword rankings, and 30,000 monthly keyword reports are run with an unlimited number of seats with the Premium feature.


Starts off at $69.95 per month offering keyword research tools, ongoing monitoring of search, and crawling.

$99.95 per month for the Pro feature which offers domain and keyword analysis of 10,000 results per report, and about 3,000 reports or searches daily. Five projects are offered here.

The Guru plan is $199.95 per month for 30,000 results per domain or keyword reports and 5,000 searches daily. Other features included in this package are 50 projects for SEO research, 20 PDF reports, historical data access, 100 social media pages, crawled pages, and tracked keywords. 

The Business plan offers unlimited projects, API access, whitepages, product listing ads, and management for multi-users.

There are custom offers for special marketing needs, but all these offers come with yearly plans as well.  

Pricing options for SEMrush.
Moz pricing options.

User Friendly?



The dashboard is user friendly. Out of all the SEO tools, SEMrush is the most capable of social listening. 




Moz offers monitoring, tracking, and social media integration. However, the tool is not as user friendly or easy to navigate as SEMrush - it provides multiple functionalities that result in an overwhelming experience for the user. 




The analytics reports include organic, advertising, and keyword research, display advertising, backlinks, and product listing ads. SEMrush assesses the difficulty of keywords and compares the user's keywords to their competitors'. It also provides charts for comparison. There are multiple project offers for position and social media tracking, site auditing, content analysis, brand monitoring, and SEO ideas. 





The optimization feature makes recommendations for the user’s website with corrections for instant improvements and results. The Open Site Explorer, Moz’s web crawl, and the Moz Pro help evaluate the competition. Analyzing the competition's mistakes helps the user avoid oversights, adjust strategies, and attain effective results. Moz also helps the user constantly track success and pitfalls. User content is improved by Moz’s keyword feature. By constantly ranking the competitors' as well as the user’s pages, Moz provides a detailed list to help prioritize keyword optimization.



The winner from this brief analysis is SEMrush!

Every company is different. Every tool is different. Each tool presents different strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately gets the job done. Since no tool is perfect, remember to think about what the goals of the company are, what features are imperative to the company’s success, and why the tool is needed in the first place. PCMag’s review of each tool (SEMrush and Moz) does a phenomenal job outlining the strengths, weaknesses, and features of each tool. After a strong evaluation of personal goals,assess each tool to determine which tool best fits with the staff and company.