Marketers Toolbox - SEMRush

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a competitive analysis and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/insight tool.

Why is this tool helpful?

This tool helps a company gain an advantage over their competition by providing in depth analytics, backlink tracking, search breakdowns, SEO suggestions, and a keyword research tool with recommendations. These features help provide insights to the user that will influence future actions.

How is it used?

The analytics reports include organic, advertising, and keyword research, display advertising, backlinks, and product listing ads. Tools offered assess the difficulty of keywords and compare the user's keywords to their competitors as well as provide charts for comparison and assessment of success. There are multiple project offers for position and social media tracking, site auditing, content analysis, brand monitoring, and SEO ideas. 

Who would benefit from using SEMRush?

Small to mid-size businesses who want to gain an advantage by optimizing SEO and keyword search.


Prices and features vary depending on the package purchased. A paid account will offer the most service to the user, however, registered users still receive free limited organic, advertising, and backlinks reports.

SEMRush prices that offer different applications depending on the marketing campaign and competitive analysis. PRO, Guru, or business are the selections to choose from.