Marketers Toolbox: SellHack

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There is a large amount of literature on the subject of how to find the correct prospect, but the salesperson was still required to find the prospect, use a tool to find an email address, and add all of this information to a spreadsheet. Simply compiling a list of targeted prospects could take days, which allowed less time for outreach.

SellHack is one of the many tools now available that seek to make the task of prospecting and finding a verified email address much simpler and faster. The key features are: List building, prospect search, email verfication, easy prospecting, and batching. Batching allows for a CSV file of contacts to be uploaded and SellHack will attempt to find verified email addresses for each with a quick turnaround. A unique feature of SellHack is company mining; a list of companies can be set, along with quantities of prospects desired from each and corresponding titles that are best suited. 

Pricing plans: 

Free -

  • Have to purchase email verification credits* 

Basic - $9/month 

  • 50 email credits, prospect list builder, save results, no more ads, basic plugi

Starter - $29/month

  • 150 email credits, prospect list builder, save and export results, concurrent searches, enhanced plugin 

Pro - $99/month 

  • 500 email credits, prospect list builder, REST api access, salesforce integration, ELITE plugin

Rainmaker - $249/month 

  • 1,500 email credits, prospect list builder, REST api access, Salesforce integration, ELITE plugin.

*SellHack only counts an email credit as used if the email found is verified.


Basic -

  • Great option for searching one profile at a time

Enhanced -

  • Automatically adds contacts to a list without waiting for each email to finish running 


  • Top prospectors: run advanced search and through plugin add prospects directly from search results as a whole

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