Marketers Toolbox: Quick Sprout

What is Quick Sprout?

A tool to increase web traffic.

Why is this tool helpful?

Quick Sprout helps grow website traffic which potentially generates more leads and revenue. The tool focuses on the likes and wants of the target market instead of just numbers.

How is it used?

Quick Sprout analyzes big data to improve traction and traffic users on a company website.

The system connects with the business’ Google Analytics account to analyze the website’s data. Quick Sprout then alerts the user whenever a necessary change must be made in order to improve the site’s traffic numbers. Analyzing who is using the site and what they are doing on the site helps the company obtain a better feel for the needs and behaviors of their consumers.

Who would benefit from using Quick Sprout?

Any business with a website could benefit. A web presence is more important than ever. Websites act as a host for companies, harvesting all information - social, content, and updates alike. It's important to know who is using the website and why certain people are not.


“Quick Sprout will always be free.”

However, Quick Sprout does offer a “University” webinar training series. This focuses on teaching methods to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, the conversion rate, email marketing strategies, amongst other offers. Reviews state that the usefulness of the program does not measure up to the price. The videos, however, are helpful for beginner marketers since they touch on everything website related.

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