Marketers Toolbox - Optimonk

What is Optimonk?

Optimonk is a lead generation and onsite retargeting tool.

Why is this tool helpful?

Optimonk increases visitor engagement by using action-based messaging to attract consumers. After evaluating the engagement level and prior web behavior of the visitor, Optimonk targets them with personalized ads, surveys, or vouchers. This solution acts as a second chance for users to communicate their value to the visitor and convert more leads.

How is it used?

The tool offers extensive analytic capabilities and return-on-Investment (ROI) tracking to gauge the visitors’ attention in a timely manner. Optimonk also offers campaign segmentation. The campaign features include professional and structural templates. The website visitor tracking helps the user distinguish new from old visitors and cater to them accordingly. The lead nurturing and managing features focus on content marketing aimed to retain consumer interest. Conversion follow-ups, unlimited split tests, A/B testing and multi-campaigns are just a few of the countless features that assist in maximizing conversions.

Who would benefit from using Optimonk?

Any company that is looking to head a campaign and gain more leads or engagement with site visitors could benefit from Optimonk. Optimonk specializes in pop-up coupons/offers and banners - so individual sellers and businesses large and small could benefit from this advertising approach.


The pricing offered depends on the package the user subscribes to and whether or not they choose to pay monthly or annually.

Optimunk price offerings for different business users.