Marketers Toolbox: MOZ

What is MOZ?

Moz is a competitive analysis tool that increases web traffic and followers with the help of a SEO keyword generator, link analysis feature, and keyword research tools.

moz graph.gif

Why is this tool helpful?

MOZ offers weekly website crawls, on-page optimization, competitive analysis, continual improvement and a keyword difficulty tool. These analytical features ensure everything on the website is used to its full potential.

How is it used?

The optimization feature makes recommendations for the user’s website with corrections for  instant improvements and results. The Open Site Explorer, Moz’s web crawl, and the Moz Pro help evaluate the competition. Analyzing where the competition went wrong helps the user adjust strategies for more effective results. Moz also helps the user constantly track success and pitfalls. User content is improved by Moz’s Keyword feature. By constantly ranking the competitor’s as well as the user’s pages, Moz provides a detailed list to help prioritize keyword optimization.

Who would benefit from using MOZ?

Any business who wants to gain an advantage in their industry. SEO and keyword research improvement have a high impact on results and there is a pricing plan for every sized business.


Flexible pricing is offered depending on the size of the business and the features needed. 

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