Marketers Toolbox - Eva by Voicera

What is Eva by Voicera?

Eva by Voicera is an AI assistant that takes notes and makes meetings easier.

Why is this tool helpful?

Reviews state that this tool is simple, helpful, seamlessly integrated on multiple platforms, and a great service. With Eva, users can be fully present in conversations and not miss a beat. The data collected is also owned by the user, not Voicera. If the user remembers to invite Eva on the calendar before the call, they should not encounter any problems.

How is it used?

By inviting Eva into conference calls, Eva records the conversation and highlights the important points for the user to review. The user then has all of the materials needed to quickly follow up or share the conversation with partners.

Who would benefit from using Eva by Voicera?

Anyone who has trouble with attentiveness in meetings or capturing every detail when on a conference call or conversation would find this marketing tool useful.


Users can try Eva for free, but can upgrade to Standard or Pro if they wish to have longer meetings recorded.