Marketers Toolbox - Dasheroo

What is Dasheroo?

Dasheroo is a free dashboard tool available to store data, track and report marketing analytics, and provide insights.

Why is this tool helpful?

Instead of having multiple tools for data storage, Dasheroo stores performance metrics in one place. The features also allow users to monitor metrics and adjust settings from the extensive reporting.

How is it used?

Dasheroo creates dashboards from integrated services and internal custom data. The tool offers a mash up report for users to view metrics and conclude insights from two different sources. Team members can communicate with one another in real-time to ensure everyone is on track and up to date. Metric alerts notify users when certain metrics are under or over performing. Since all the data is combined, users can instantly track the correlation or causation of success.

Who would benefit from using Dasheroo?

Marketers who have a plethora of data and need to easily access, view, and analyze it.


The tool is free and comes with one Dashboard, four Data Insights, and one Mashup Insight.