Marketers Toolbox - ConvertFlow

What is ConvertFlow?

ConvertFlow is a lead generation and on-site retargeting tool.

Why is this tool helpful?

ConvertFlow personalizes the site experience to engage the target audience and increase interaction. The tool evaluates the sites customers previously visited, forms interacted with, and data collected to provide insightful lead profiles. It is a powerful tool that helps capture and convert leads.

How is it used?

The Lead Generation portion offers call-to-action (CTA) buttons that promote engagement and interaction with site visitors. Users can measure the effectiveness of their CTA buttons to improve their approach. Each button clicked collects information about the user, their site behavior, and preferences. This data then properly segments the people who visit the site and personalizes the content seen. The profiles made makes lead email creation a breeze.

The On-site Retargeting pushes marketing beyond ads and email, into automation. ConvertFlow helps the user during the retargeting process by engaging and educating the site visitor, guiding returning leads and turning them into customers, and promoting relevant products for purchase. Content seen by the visitor is specific and personalized.  

Who would benefit from using ConvertFlow?

The tool is best used by marketing agencies, but it’s abilities are applicable to any business. Without coding, ConvertFlow allows the user to redesign their client’s websites, generate leads, and prove Return of Investment (ROI). Contact syncing, performance analytics, collaboration features, and audience targeting allows the user to provide their clients with informative data and quality service.


The pricing offered depends on the package the user subscribes to and whether or not they choose to pay monthly or annually. ConvertFlow offers a free, lite, pro, and business version of their services.

The many different price offerings for ConvertFlow.