Marketers Toolbox - CamScanner

What is CamScanner?

CamScanner is a mobile scanning application tool that simply and quickly digitizes and saves documents in high quality.

Why is this tool helpful?

This tool simplifies the scanning process into one easy step to save time. Users do not need to use a scanning machine and connect it to their computer then convert it to the proper format. They can simply take a picture and convert the document into a professional-looking file to send out anywhere in one swift motion. If the user has multiple documents to take care of, it may take longer.

How is it used?

The user takes a picture with a mobile phone (preferably with a high quality camera), crops the picture, and converts the image to text files. CamScanner auto-enhances images for high quality and has Optical Character Recognition features to extract text from images. The application can sync all downloaded documents and offers multiple sharing options (collaborating with friends, email, whatsapp, wechat, or other social networks).

Who would benefit from using CamScanner?

Anyone who needs to scan documents on the go.


CamScanner pricing options to optimize time in the business office when scanning materials.