Marketers Toolbox: BombBomb

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Marketers Toolbox: BombBomb

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It is no secret that video content is a preferred method of content consumption for most people. It is also no secret is that the volume of mundane (read: ineffective) emails that each person receives on a daily basis is at an all-time high. Leveraging video email to cut through the clutter can make the difference between closing a deal and an email never seeing the light of day.  

Video email versus traditional email gets 81% more replies, 68% more conversions, and 56% more referrals

BombBomb simplifies the process of recording, editing, and sending personalized video. BombBomb doesn’t limit size, length, or type of videos and allows the upload of previously created videos. Users can choose to pre-record video, shoot on-the-fly, or record individual and personalized messages.  

BombBomb - Video Email - Record, send, connect - Marketer's Toolbox

BombBomb integrates into Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce, also allowing for easy uploading of contacts from (comma separated value files (CSV) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. With a large emphasis on analytics -opens, clicks, and plays are tracked for each video sent. Other key features include: scheduled sending, drip campaigns, auto-responders, and powerful lead capture forms.




Trial - 

14 day free trial, no credit card

Individual -

$39/month, unlimited video emails up to 2,500 contacts, Gmail app and Chrome extension, mobile app for iOS and Android devices, tracking clicks, opens, and plays, group coaching session, 30 day money back guarantee.

Individual Plus -

$49/month, all of the features of Individual, plus unlimited video emails up to 3,500 contacts, follow-up automation, front of the line phone and email support.

Premium -

$1299/one time plus annual renewal of $588 - All features of Individual Plus -  as well as 2 one-on-one sessions with your implementation consultant, they will help assess and clean your contact list for optimum deliverability, upload and organize contacts into lists, custom email design created in your branding Integration setup (if applicable) Mobile setup to send on the go.

Template -

$250/one time - BombBomb will build a template specifically branding to the company they are working with. Social links can be added to the bottom and it will be optimized for mobile.


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