Marketers Toolbox - Ahrefs

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an all-encompassing marketing tool that helps users monitor and research competitors and increase search traffic with billions of keywords.

Why is this tool helpful?

The keyword, content, and backlink research helps determine the strength of the user’s organic search value compared to their competitor’s. The user’s traffic increases when their SEO value increases, bringing their competitor’s traffic down. A high SEO is crucial to be seen on the internet.

ahrefs qualities.PNG

How is it used?

The Ahrefs package includes a plethora of tools that monitor the web and competition. The competitors’ keywords and content are tracked and ranked. Ahrefs alerts the user who uses this knowledge to improve their content, website, and media to match the strength of the competitor’s.

Who would benefit from using Ahrefs?

Anyone who needs to improve their SEO or organic search.


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