Marketers Toolbox - Maître

What is Maître?

Maître is a growth hacking tool to grow referral campaigns.

Why is this tool helpful?

This tool helps with lead generation and growing lists. By embedding a widget on any website, the tool tracks the visits and conversions of visitors on different social media platforms and channels. The tool then provides analytics showing the brand’s performance based on their audience’s interactions. This helps the user become more productive and purposeful.

How is it used?

The written code of this tool can be modified in the hands of a web developer. The app is customizable, mobile friendly, and capable of integrating with MailChimp, WordPress and webhooks.

Copying and pasting the widget on a website puts people on a waiting list. These people then actively promote the product or service and subscribers get rewarded when they invite new people.

Who would benefit from using Maître?

Sales or outreach focused people who are growing and nurturing lists for campaigns.


There is not a free trial available.

Maître  pricing offers 3 options with different features.