Marketers Toolbox: LastPass

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It seems like every website requires account registration these days, and with so many passwords to juggle, remembering them all can be a challenge.

While many Internet browsers have introduced features that record and autofill passwords for websites you frequent, that information can easily be wiped clean when you clear your cookies, cache, and browsing data to speed up your system.

LastPass provides a much easier way to access your passwords without having to write them down, remember them all, and reset them over time.

After installing the free LastPass software on your preferred browser, you'll (ironically) create an account with a valid email address and a strong master password –– they specifically ask you to "make it a good one!"

This leads you to a dashboard where you can store and access all of your passwords in one fell swoop.

Individual accounts are free, but if you want additional features like syncing your password data to multiple devices, you'll have to upgrade to a premium individual account, or your company can upgrade to an enterprise account that centralizes your data, and shared it with the IT department.

The B2B model is quite valuable, as anyone knows how costly an unintended data breach can quickly become. LastPass may also increase a company's productivity, per their claims that password integration consumes a large portion of the new hire onboarding process, and that employees spend nearly an hour each month recalling (or resetting) their various passwords.

Here's a quick case study that describes how, a computer science nonprofit, found a highly useful enterprise tool in LastPass.

The website also shows you with near-exact numbers how a LastPass subscription can yield ROI through their online calculator tool.

For all you early-adopters of alternative forms of payment, LastPass disclosed this week (via this Twitter exchange) their intent to support Bitcoin in the future; however, the exact timeline for implementation is still unclear.

LastPass 4.0 was introduced in early 2016, with new product features and a clean design.

Here's a quick introductory video:

Ready to free up all that memory space in your head?

Happy Passwording!


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