Marketers Toolbox: Canva

Note: The Marketers Toolbox series teaches our readers about new technology we're using (or experimenting with) that proves to be useful, productive, or just plain entertaining. As a marketer's secret weapon, AgencySparks believes that the tools we use are vital to our success, thus, a marketer's toolbox is truly one of our most important resources.

Want to make a bonzer graphic design, but don't have the experience or education to create something spiffy? Fear not, mates!

Today's tool is a total ace from Australia called Canva. We love this platform for two reasons –– it's free to sign up, and it's EASY to use!

First, pick a design template that will fit your needs (social media posts, presentations, eBook covers, menus, business cards, etc.)...

…then start building your design from scratch. Start with choosing a layout you like, or upload your own image, and then customize it with their massive library of photos, frames, illustrations, shapes, charts, icons, and text fonts.

If you're looking for something specific, type your search term to scan Canva's 1M+ images, some of which are completely free to use, and some of which require additional payment.

Before you know it, you've got a smart, beautiful design you can use for your next poster, flyer, or (ahem) blog post!

Canva's mission statement is: "Empowering the world to design," which is why they provide users with inspiration from fellow designers, and education in the form of design tutorial courses that are intended to "fast-track your ability to create amazing designs."

If you're already an accomplished designer, you can contribute photography, illustrations, and graphics to Canva, but if you're a novice (like us), you may find this wonderful resource highly beneficial when you need the occasional infographic or name tag in a pinch.


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