How it Works

External Evaluation

Step 1 - External Evaluation

Setup begins by interviewing agency clients to understand the relationship. Interviews are conducted with  the agency's current clients, past clients, and brands who didn't choose the agency in a competitive situation. Clients provide details about the relationship that they would never provide the agency.

Internal Evaluation

Step 2 - Internal Evaluation

Next, Setup conducts staff interviews with key agency employees to better understand what the team feels are their biggest strengths and weaknesses. In addition to looking for alignment or discrepancy with the client conversations, Setup uncovers internal perceptions of the agency.

Swot Analysis

Step 3 - SWOT Analysis

Setup synthesizes the conversations with clients and the agency team to outline strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The marriage of the internal and external perspectives is key to bringing insights about the agency, their team, and their work that are invaluable.

Setup not only recommended an excellent agency partner... but they have also become a trusted go-to resource when it comes to marketing recommendations that can improve our business.
— Melissa Wilson | Marketing Director, ADAC