Meet Swarm

Based in Atlanta, Swarm is our choice for SEO, PPC, and analytics because they don't believe in grey areas. They take a data-driven approach to every aspect of their business. Swarm treats their clients like partners and their employees like family, valuing transparency above all else.


  • Insights over instincts - They measure the effectiveness of their work with data rather than relying on their gut.
  • Content over promotion - They think beyond the short-term campaigns and focus on long-term marketing goals.
  • Conversion over clicks - They focus on the data that directly impacts your business.
  • Results over opinions - They remove unnecessary subjectivity by focusing on what matters: the results.

Key Strengths of Swarm

  • Data-driven digital experiences
  • Drive to truly understand each of their clients' businesses with a thorough and collaborative discovery and auditing process
  • Optimizing integrated marketing initiatives, ensuring that paid media, earned media, and own media works together properly


If you're interested in working with Swarm, Contact us.