Meet Everywhere Agency 

Everywhere Agency has been honing their knowledge of all things social media since 2009. With strong roots in influencer marketing,Everywhere has built out a network of over 2,500 bloggers. Everywhere Agency approaches social media with your brand's vision in mind, flawlessly executing strategic social campaigns, driving engagement and loyalty.

Why We Love Them

Two words: influencer marketing. Everywhere Agency has made its mark with major brands like Macy's and Cox by connecting them with their extensive network of social media influencers. This emerging trend helps connect brands to their audiences on a much more personal level, driving engagement up and costs down. Everywhere is more than just a social media marketing agency- they're a social strategy agency.

Why Others Love Them

Responsible for the most socially networked message in 2009: #beatcancer

Far too often, we hear qualms about the ROI of social media. So when Everywhere started this campaign (and ran it by themselves!) to demonstrate the value social media can provide, they raised over $70,000 for four cancer-serving charities, all while earning the Guinness World Record of "The Most Socially Networked Message in 2009." Their efforts were recognized in the New York Times, Mashable, CNN, and other major media outlets. 


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